4 th International Conference on Analysis and Quantum, April 9-11, 2005

Place: Mathematics Institute of LMU
Theresienstr. 39, 80333 Munich, Germany

First Name and Name
Jean-Bernard Bru (Mainz) confirmed Attempt Beyond the Dilute Bose Gas
Laurent Bruneau (Grenoble) confirmed One Parameter Group of Bogoliubov Transformations
Madalina R. Buneci (Warsaw) confirmed Morphisms of Locally Compact Groupoids Endowed With Haar Systems
Brice Camus (Bochum) confirmed Semi-classical Spectral Estimates For Schrödinger Operators at a Critical Energy Level. Case of a Degenerate Maximum of the Potential.
Thomas Chen (Princeton) confirmed Algorithmic Determination of The Infrared Renormalized Mass in QED
Michele Correggi (Vienna) confirmed Zero Range Interactions
Anna Dall'Acqua (Delft) confirmed Brownian Motion and Maximum Principle
Margherita Disertori (Zürich) confirmed Rigorous Supersymmetric Approach to Random Matrix Problems
Søren Fournais (Paris) confirmed On the Critical Field in the Ginzburg-Landau Theory of Superconductors (Joint Work With B. Helffer)
David Hasler (Vancouver) confirmed Existence of the D0-D4 Brane Bound State: A Deformation Proof
Matthias Huber (Munich) confirmed Solutions of the Unprojected Dirac-Fock Equations and the Electron-Positron Field
Martin Könenberg (Mainz) confirmed Ground State Construction by a Flow Equation
Mathieu Lewin (Paris) confirmed The Mean-Field Approximation in No-Photon QED: Definition by Means of a Thermodynamic Limit
David H. Oaknin (Haifa) confirmed Pushmepullyou: An Efficient Microswimmer at Low Reynolds Number
Alessandro Pizzo (Paris) confirmed Infared Finite Algorithms in QED
Jeffrey Schenker (Zürich) confirmed Semicircle Law For Random Matrices With Symmetries or Correlations