Department Mathematik



Functional Analysis

Summer Term of 2019

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Peter Müller. Assistants: Florian Behr and Marcel Schaub.

Latest News:

Date News
17.08.2019 The make-up exam will take place on Wednesday, Oct 9 at 10:00 in B139. The details and the registration will be announced on Peter Müllers website of this course (i.e. NOT here).
17.08.2019 The results of the exam of July 29 are now available. Access requires the same login data as for the script. You can view the corrected exam sheets (Klausureinsicht) on Tuesday, 20 August 2019 between 14:00 and 15:30 in B349.
05.08.2019 Klausureinsicht: You can take a look at your marked exam in room B349 on Aug 20, 14:00 - 15:30.
26.07.2019 Rooms for the exam: Family names starting with A-R: B139; starting with S-Z: B006
09.07.2019 Detailed info on the exam below - now with working registration!
26.06.2019 The exam will take place on Monday, 29 July 2019 at 10:00 in rooms to be announced. Details will follow.
08.05.2019 Please hand in the problem sheets in groups of two as the workforce does not allow for single hand-ins at the moment. Thank you!

General Information

See this website for more information on the contents and material of the course. To take this class, all students have to register online in the uniworks system.

Homework Problems, Exercise Session and Tutorials

Exercise Session (Zentralübung): Monday 16-18 in B006 by Florian Behr.


Day Time Room Tutor
Tuesday 10-12 B039 Charlotte Dietze
Wednesday 14-16 B045 Nicco Mietzsch
Thursday 8-10 B039 Marcel Schaub

To obtain a deeper understanding of and proficiency in the topics covered in the lectures, students need to solve homework problems on their own. Weekly problem sheets will be posted on this site. The solutions to problems that have already been handed in will be presented during the Exercise Session. The Exercise Session and Tutorials have started already. Every Wednesday, a new problem sheet will appear on this website. The solutions to the sheet can be handed in until 2 P.M. sharp on the next Wednesday by putting them into the designated homework box on the first floor. The solutions will then be discussed and handed back in the Exercise Session of that week's following Monday.

Tutorial sheets will be posted on Wednesday, too. It is not possible to hand in solutions to Tutorial sheets, they are only designed for discussion and practice in the Tutorial sessions. However, nobody will stop you doing these exercises as many times as you want for yourself.

Registration for Tutorials

Each week you should attend the lectures, the Exercise Session and one of the Tutorials. Each week you should also work on the homework problems and hand your solutions in to be graded. For the Tutorials, you need to register online (see above). Feel free to attend the Tutorial of your choice, but be aware that, due to space limitations, not every student can attent every session. If your Tuturial session does not take place for any reason (e.g. holiday), you may choose any other Tutorial in that week.

Homework and Tutorial Sheets

Tutorial sheets
Sheet 1
Wed, May 02, 14:00
Tutorial 1
Sheet 2
Wed, May 08, 14:00
Tutorial 2
Sheet 3
Wed, May 15, 14:00
Tutorial 3
Sheet 4
Wed, May 22, 14:00
Tutorial 4
Sheet 5
Wed, May 29, 14:00
Tutorial 5
Sheet 6 & Solution
Wed, Jun 5, 14:00
Tutorial 6
Sheet 7
Wed, Jun 12, 14:00
Tutorial 7
Sheet 8
Wed, Jun 19, 14:00
Tutorial 8
Sheet 9
Tut: Hint to T30
Wed, Jun 26, 14:00
Tutorial 9
Sheet 10
Typo "T36" in T33 removed
Wed, Jul 3, 14:00
Tutorial 10
Sheet 11
Wed, Jul 10, 14:00
Tutorial 11
Last Sheet 12
Wed, Jul 17, 14:00
Tutorial 12
Tutorial 13

Bonus system

By handing in homework solutions each student can obtain bonus points that count towards the final grade. If you obtain 50 percent of the total possible points of all exercise sheets and you pass the exam, then you get a bonus of 0.3 grade points. This applies only to the main exam, not the make-up exam (Nachklausur). Please hand in your solutions in groups of two people. Each person named on the sheet will earn the points obtained.

Homework Grading

Questions and complaints regarding graded solutions should first be directed to the corresponding grader.

Grader e-Mail
Miaomiao Chen asteriacmm1327 'at'
Charlotte Dietze Charlotte.Dietze 'at'
Nicco Mietzsch Nicco.Mietzsch 'at'

Exam (Modulprüfung)

The exam is going to take place in two lecture halls in the math building on 29 July from 10:00 s.t. (sharp!) to 12:00, i.e. writing time is 120 minutes. In order to participate, you have to register for the exam in the uniworx-system. The deadline for the registration is Tue, 23 July at 23:59. The lecture halls are now fixed, if your family name starts with A-R, your room is B139, if your family name starts with S-Z, please go to B006. Please make sure to be on time and to bring your student ID and a photo ID (if you already have the LMUcard, that is enough)! You can take a look at your marked exam in the Klausureinsicht in room B349 on Aug 20 from 14:00 - 15:30.

You are allowed to bring one DIN A4 sheet of handwritten notes (front and back page) with whatever content you may consider useful for the exam. Printed scans of such sheets are not allowed. Other than that, no auxilliary material is permitted (apart from writing equipment, of course). Paper is provided by us.

The results for the exam will be published no earlier than 19 Aug 2019, maybe in the week following this date, due to absence of staff. If this causes severe problems for your progress of studies, please contact the assistants to find an individual solution. Thank you for your patience.