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Mathematisches Institut der Universität München - B. Pareigis

Prof. Dr. Bodo Pareigis

Lectures on Quantum Groups and Noncommutative Geometry II (SS 1998)

Extended new edition
  • Time: Wed 11:15 am, Fri 11:15 am, Exercise group: Wed 4:15 pm
  • Room: E 6, Exercise group: E 47
  • Chapter 1: Toolbox
    1. Categories
    2. Functors
    3. Natural Transformations
    4. Tensor Products
    5. Algebras
    6. Coalgebras
    7. Bialgebras
    8. Representable Functors
    9. Adjoint functors and the Yoneda Lemma
    10. Limits and Colimits, Products and Equalizers
  • Chapter 2: Commutative and Noncommutative Algebraic Geometry
    1. The Priciples of Commutative Algebraic Geometry
    2. Quantum Spaces and Noncommutative Geometry
    3. Quantum Monoids and their Actions on Quantum Spaces
  • Chapter 3: Hopf Algebras, Algebraic, Formal, and Quantum Groups
    1. Hopf Algebras
    2. Monoids and Groups in a Category
    3. Affine Algebraic Groups
    4. Formal Groups
    5. Integrals and Fourier Transforms
    6. Quantum Groups
    7. Quantum Automorphism Groups (under construction)
    8. Duality (under construction)
  • Chapter 4: Representation Theory and Tannaka Duality (under construction)
  • Chapter 5: Braidings, the Center of a Category, and the Drinfel'd Double (under construction)
  • Chapter 6: The Infinitesimal Theory (under construction)
  • Problem sheets:

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