Department Mathematik



Mathematisches Kolloquium

Am Freitag, 6. Februar 2009, um 16 Uhr c.t. spricht

Prof. Dr. Ib Madsen
(University of Aarhus)

im Hörsaal E27 über das Thema

Moduli Spaces and Topology

Zusammenfassung: Moduli spaces are varieties whose points are themselves geometric objects. The classical examples are the moduli space of all Riemann surfaces and the closely related moduli space of differentiable surfaces embedded in Euclidian space of arbitrarily high dimension. Other examples include the Gromov-Witten moduli space of pseudo-holomorphic curves in a symplectic background. The lecture will evolve around Riemann's moduli space. I will explain its connection to the mapping class group via Teichmueller theory on the one hand,and to smooth surface bundles on the other hand.The focus will be on the role of the tangent and normal bundles,following an old tradition in geometric topology.
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