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Mathematisches Kolloquium

Am Donnerstag, 08. Juni 2017, um 16:30 Uhr spricht

Roman Kotecky
(Universität Warwick )

Affiliation in Prag (

im Hörsaal A027 über das Thema

Metastability for liquid/gas models on the continuum

Zusammenfassung: One of big open problems of mathematical statistical physics is a proof of existence of a phase transition for any realistic model of interacting particles on the continuum. Reviewing first the proof of ?liquid-gas? coexistence for the Widom-Rowlinson model?-one of the few for which it has been provided, we will proceed to a discussion of transition from a metastable supercooled gas phase to the liquid phase for a system subjected to a stochastic dynamics. In particular, the theorem about Arrhenius law with a nonstandard entropic correction will be formulated. The relevant terms stem from large and moderate deviations of the shape of a critical droplet. (Based on a work in progress, joint with F. den Hollander, S. Jansen, and E. Presutti.)
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