Department Mathematik



Mathematisches Kolloquium

Am Freitag, 10. Juni 2005, um 17 Uhr c.t. spricht

Prof. Dr. Alan H. Schoenfeld
(Berkeley University of California)

im Hörsaal E27 über das Thema

"Problem Solving" Twenty Years Later

Zusammenfassung: In my 1985 book Mathematical Problem Solving I proposed a framework for the analysis of mathematical behavior. I argued that the following four categories are necessary and sufficient for understanding the quality (and success) of problem solving attempts: (1) the knowledge base (2) knowledge of problem solving strategies (heuristics) (3) "control" (monitoring and self-regulation, or metacognition) (4) beliefs, and the practices that give rise to them. It is now 20 years later. What has changed? I will argue that the ideas in the book are still robust - but that they did not go far enough. (I knew this at the time but did not have the theoretical tools to address it.) What I had was a framework, not a theory. What was lacking was a sense of mechanism - a description of how and why the problem solver makes the choises he of she makes, while engaged in problem solving. Twenty years later, we have a rigorous way of thinking about such issues, and the core of a robust theory. I will describe these later results in a much more dynamic stetting: that of a teacher engaging in the problem solving actions of trying to teach effectively.
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