Positive scalar curvature and related topics


All lectures take place at Theresienstr. 39, ground floor.

Between the lectures, tee and coffee will be available.

Tuesday, 24 February 15-16 P. Baum K-theory for group C*-algebras
16:45-17:45 B. Botvinnik: The ``Yamabe corner'' of the moduli space of positive conformal classes on the sphere
18-19 B. Hajduk: Some geometric ideas in positive scalar curvature

Wednesday, 25 February 9:30-10:30 P. Baum: The Dirac operator and K-homology
11:15-12:15 M. Joachim On the Gromov-Lawson-Rosenberg Conjecture for 2-groups of small order
15-16 C. Bär An invariant based on the spectrum of the Yamabe operator
16:45-17:45 E. Leichtnam On higher eta invariants and metrics of positive scalar curvature
18:00-19:00 M. Dahl Prescribing eigenvalues of the Dirac operator

Thursday, 26 February 9:30-10:15 H. Davaux Scalar curvature and spectrum of the Laplacian
11:00-11:45 J. Wehrheim Monopole classes and strongly scalar flat 4-manifolds
12:00-12:45 M. Nardmann Pseudo-Riemannian metrics with prescribed scalar curvature
afternoon free time

Friday, 27 February 9:30-10:30 P. Baum The stable Gromov-Lawson-Rosenberg conjecture
11:15-12:15 U. Christ Positive scalar curvature in dimension greater than or equal to 8
15-16 F. Finster/M.Kraus Curvature estimates in asymptotically flat manifolds
16:45-17:45 M. Herzlich Mass for asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds
19:30 Conference Dinner

Saturday, 28 February 9:30-10:30 P. Piazza Bordism and rho-invariants
11:15-12:15 K. Galicki Einstein metrics on spheres
14:30-15:30 H. Seshadri Isotropic curvature and topology
16:15-17:15 W. Tuschmann: Collapsing and Pontryagin classes