Plan of the lectures

The section numbers refer to the book of Lieb-Loss: Analysis. I can make photocopies of the sections you are assigned to.

The dates are only preliminary, since there are more students than slots, we will not follow the standard one student/one seminar rule. The schedule may be shifted forward, but you should be ready to deliver your talk on the day indicated below (even if sometimes your talk will be delayed for next time)

Oct 16

Introduction (Laszlo Erdos)

Oct 23

Convergence types, Weak convergence, Holder/Young/Jensen inequalities. [Laszlo Erdos]

Oct 30

Rearrangement inequalities (3.1-3.6) [Weidinger]

Nov 6

Riesz rearrangement (3.7) [Taeufer]

Nov 13

No seminar

Nov 20

Distributions (6.1--6.9) [Greplova]

Nov 27

Distributions (6.10-6.15) [Garntner]

Dec 4


Dec 11

Sobolev Spaces (7.1-7.8) [Micheev]

Dec 18

Sobolev Spaces (7.1-7.8) [Micheev] (If needed the second occasion)

Jan 8

No seminar

Jan 15

Sobolev Spaces with Fourier's method (7.9-7.12, 7.14-7.16) [Nietner]

Jan 22

Cancelled due to sickness

Jan 29

Sobolev inequalities (8.1--8.5) [Staffler]

Feb 5

Sobolev inequalities (8.1--8.5) [Staffler]