Mathematical Physics: Subjective overview (posted 20.10.2010)

Basic concepts in quantum mechanics (posted 20.10.2010)

Fourier Transform (posted 10.1.2011, this version contains small corrections to the previous version, thanks to the careful reading by Darij Grinberg)

Basis in Hilbert spaces (posted 20.10.2010)

Crash course in analysis (Version 8.11.2010)

Variational principle (Version 2.12.2010) (some typos corrected wrt to the 23.11.2010 version)

Many-body quantum mechanics (Version Feb 9, 2011: I added a remark in page 35-36 about the normalization of the density matrices)

Lieb-Thirring inequalities (posted 31.1.2011)

Stability of matter (posted 09.02.2011, I added a few paragraphs in Section 1 compared with the version 07.02.2011)