Analytical tools of mathematical physics

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(Prof. Laszlo Erdos)

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Short summary of Lebesgue integral (by M. Griesemer)


Analysis is a basic toolbox of rigorous mathematical study of physical problems, especially quantum mechanics. In this seminar we will study distributions, Sobolev spaces and inequalities, rearrangements, Poisson equation to arrive at solving basic quantum mechanical problems such as Thomas Fermi equation and semiclassical approximation. We will follow the pedagogically excellent book by Lieb and Loss: Analysis (starting approx. from Chapter 3, but if the students need, we can summarize the previous chapters as well)

This book is different than most standard texts in Analysis that cover mathematically quite general situations in a fairly abstract setup. Instead, Lieb and Loss, very active and outstanding researchers in mathematical physics, concentrate on the ideas, concepts and theorems that they found useful in their everyday research. The book (and the seminar) is highly recommended to students interested in the applications of analysis in natural sciences.


Students in mathematics and physics. Students in the Theoretical and Mathematical Physics (TMP) Masterprogram

Prerequisite :

Analysis and linear algebra. No physics background is required!


Gilt fuer Diplomhaupt- und Masterpruefung (AM,RM) im Diplomstudiengang oder 6 ECTS Punkte im Bachelorstudium (Wahlpflichtmodul WP13). Every participant should give a presentation and must (actively) participate in the seminar.


The speakers can choose between English or German.


Time and place:

Thursday 16-18 in B041, EXCEPT: on May 6 and Jul 8, when the room B041 is occupied and we will be in B349.

First (organizational) meeting: Apr 29 at 16:00 in my office (Theresienstr 39, Room 329)


Students interested in taking the seminar should drop an email to me , and should preferably come to the first (organisatorial) meeting (Apr 22) If you cannot make it to the first meeting, you are welcome to join in the following weeks as well, but drop me an email.