Forster: Cryptography

Course (4 hours weekly + 2 hours Problem sessions) by O. Forster
Summer Semester 2005, Department of Mathematics, LMU München

Time and Room: Tue, Thu 14-16, E5

Problem sessions: Tuesday 16-18, E 47 (changed!)

Crypto contest

Contents: After a survey of classical cipher systems we will study modern block cipher crypto systems (DES, AES) and public key cryptography. Public key cryptography plays an important role in electronic commerce, electronic banking and other kinds of modern data communication. It deals not only with secret coding of messages but also with digital signatures and authentification. Public key cryptography uses interesting mathematical methods from number theory and algebraic geometry (e.g. elliptic curves over finite fields).

Prerequisites: Basic notions of algebra, number theory and analysis

For: Studierende der Mathematik und/oder Informatik nach dem Vordiplom,
Students of the International Master Program in Mathematics,
und andere Interessenten


Otto Forster (email), 2004-12-21