Forster: Cryptography

Course (4 hours weekly + 2 hours Problem sessions) by O. Forster
Winter Semester 2002/03, Department of Mathematics, LMU München

Time and Room: Mon, Thu 9-11, HS 138
Starts on Monday, October 14, 2002, at 9:15h

Problem sessions: Monday 11-13, HS 132 (changed!)

Crypto contest

Contents: After a survey of classical cipher systems we will study modern block cipher crypto systems and public key cryptography. It deals not only with secret coding of messages but also with digital signatures and authentification. Public key cryptography uses interesting mathematical methods from number theory and algebraic geometry (e.g. elliptic curves over finite fields)

Detailed Contents

Prerequisites: Basic notions of algebra and analysis. My course on Algorithmic Number Theory (SS 2002) is useful, but not an absolute prerequisite.

For: Students of the International Master Program in Mathematics,
Studierende der Mathematik und/oder Informatik nach dem Vordiplom, sonstige Interessenten


Otto Forster (email), 2002-08-01