LMU Scheme

LMU Scheme is an implementation of Scheme as described in the

Revised^4 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme (R4RS),
ed. by W. Clinger and J. Rees (Nov. 1991)

LMU Scheme is a compact system, written completely in C. It runs on most UNIX workstations and on PC's under LINUX. It is easy to install.

LMU Scheme implements all of the essential features required by R4RS and most of the non-essential features described in R4RS. In the present version of LMU Scheme, rational and complex numbers are not implemented and there are no macro facilities. On the other hand, LMU Scheme offers some extensions with respect to R4RS.

To download the necessary software, go to our

FTP-Server (ftp://ftp.mathematik.uni-muenchen.de/pub/forster/lmuscheme/)

and read the file README.

Otto Forster (email), 96-08-05/2000-09-14