Version 1.64, January 2010

ARIBAS is an interactive interpreter for big integer arithmetic and multi-precision floating point arithmetic with a Pascal/Modula like syntax. It has several builtin functions for algorithmic number theory like gcd, Jacobi symbol, Rabin probabilistic prime test, factorization algorithms (Pollard rho, elliptic curve, continued fraction, quadratic sieve), etc.

ARIBAS is used for the examples of number theoretic algorithms in the book Algorithmische Zahlentheorie by O. Forster.

Recently added features (see also file CHANGES164.txt)

There are versions of ARIBAS for

ARIBAS is a compact system, written in C, and easy to install. The UNIX (and LINUX) version has a GNU-Emacs interface, the versions for MS-DOS and ATARI have a builtin Mini-Editor, and the version for Windows 95/98/XP/.. comes with the usual Windows GUI (view screenshots)

For the versions running on Intel's 80X86 processors, some critical routines were written in Assembler, so ARIBAS runs especially fast under LINUX or Windows 95/98/XP/.. on a Pentium Computer.

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Otto Forster (email) , 2004-11-30/2010-01-26