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version 1.64, January 2010
written by O.Forster, Email email

ARIBAS is an interactive interpreter for big integer arithmetic and multi-precision floating point arithmetic with a Pascal/Modula like syntax. It has several builtin functions for algorithmic number theory like gcd, Jacobi symbol, Rabin probabilistic prime test, continued fraction and quadratic sieve factorization, Pollard rho factorization, etc.

ARIBAS is distributed under the GNU general public license.

On this FTP Server you find:

describes the changes from version 1.00 to the current version 1.64

this directory contains all the necessary files to compile ARIBAS for UNIX workstations or LINUX on 80386-Computers (or higher).
The Unix version works also for MacOS X.
subdirectory with ARIBAS for Windows 95/98/XP/..

subdirectory with compiled executables of ARIBAS under MSDOS

subdirectory with compiled executable of ARIBAS for ATARI-ST (or TT)

subdirectory with documentation

subdirectory with examples of ARIBAS code

number theory
ARIBAS code of some number theoretic algorithms:
(#) All examples of the book O. Forster: Algorithmische Zahlentheorie,
(#) Algorithm for the three squares theorem

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