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Mathematisches Institut
der Universität München
Prof. D. Kotschick, D.Phil.
Prof. Dr. T. Vogel

20. November 2019

Oberseminar Geometrie WS 2019/20

Dienstag 16 Uhr c.t.
Hörsaal B 252 des Mathematischen Instituts
Ab 15.30 Uhr Tee im 3. Stock.

15. Okt. Prof. D. Gay (UG Athens)
Open questions about trisections of 4-manifolds
22. Okt. A. Milivojevic (Stony Brook)
Realizing rational homotopy types by closed almost complex manifolds
5. Nov. Dr. Y. Huang (LMU)
Contact topology from Morse viewpoint
19. Nov. Prof. S. Hensel (LMU)
Quasimorphisms on surface diffeomorphism groups
26. Nov.
3. Dez. Dr. G. Dimitroglou Rizell (Uppsala)
Hamiltonian unlinking results for Lagrangian surfaces
10. Dez. Dr. A. Otiman (Rom)
Dolbeault cohomology of Cousin groups and Oeljeklaus-Toma manifolds
17. Dez.

gez. Prof. D. Kotschick
gez. Prof. T. Vogel