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Mathematisches Institut
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Prof. D. Kotschick, D.Phil.
Prof. Dr. T. Vogel

23. Januar 2019

Oberseminar Geometrie WS 2018/19

Dienstag 16 Uhr c.t.
Hörsaal B 252 des Mathematischen Instituts
Ab 15.30 Uhr Tee im 3. Stock.

16. Okt. Dr. C. Llosa Isenrich (Paris)
Complex hypersurfaces in direct products of Riemann surfaces
23. Okt. Dr. J. Stelzig (LMU)
Some complex questions and a few answers
30. Okt. Dr. M. Bustamante Londono (Augsburg)
Symmetries of exotic negatively curved manifolds
6. Nov. Dr. J. Cirici (Barcelona)
A Dolbeault cohomology theory for almost complex manifolds
13. Nov. Dr. M. Marcinkowski (Regensburg)
Groups of volume preserving diffeomorphisms and bounded cohomology
20. Nov Prof. C. Wendl (Berlin)
Spine removal surgery and the geography of symplectic fillings
27. Nov. Prof. S. Friedl (Regensburg)
Virtual fibering theorem
4. Dez. Dr. J. Bowden (Monash University)
C0-stability of Anosov actions
18. Dez. Prof. C. Frances (Strasbourg)
Dynamics and topology on 3-dimensional Lorentz manifolds

8. Jan. Prof. D. Angella (Firenze)
Cohomological and geometric Hermitian problems on complex non-Kähler manifolds
15. Jan. J. Reinhold (Stanford)
Manifold bundles over surfaces
22. Jan. Prof. P. Norbury (Melbourne and LMU)
A new cohomology class on the moduli space of stable curves
29. Jan. R. Kuhne (Warwick)
Polynomial-time efficient position
5. Feb. N. Vlahovic (LMU) und F. Zelinski (LMU)
Some topics in Lorentz geometry

gez. Prof. D. Kotschick
gez. Prof. T. Vogel