Mathematisches Institut
der Universität München
Prof. D. Kotschick, D.Phil.
Prof. Dr. T. Vogel

2. Juli 2018

Oberseminar Geometrie SS 2018

Dienstag 16 Uhr c.t.
Hörsaal B 252 des Mathematischen Instituts
Ab 15.30 Uhr Tee im 3. Stock.

10. April Prof. S. Hensel (LMU)
Geometry of handlebody groups
17. April A. Demleitner (Bayreuth)
Group actions on complex tori and hyperelliptic manifolds
24. April J. Stelzig (Münster)
Squares and zigzags: Double complexes on compact complex manifolds
8. Mai Dr. D. Zuddas (Bayreuth)
Special moves for open book decompositions of 3-manifolds (after J. Harer, E. Giroux and N. Goodman)
29. Mai D. Räde (LMU)
5. Juni Dr. Y. Huang (Uppsala)
A prelude to convex hypersurface theory in contact topology
12. Juni Prof. P. Albers (Heidelberg)
Symplectic billiards
26. Juni Dr. M. Röser (Hannover)
Real holomorphic sections of the Deligne-Hitchin twistor space
3. Juli Dr. J. Bowden (Monash University)
Pairs of contact structures and (partially) hyperbolic systems
10. Juli Dr. N. Otoba (Regensburg)
Geometry and analysis of constant scalar curvature

gez. Prof. D. Kotschick
gez. Prof. T. Vogel