Department Mathematik


Seminar on Compact Complex Surfaces

Prof. D. Kotschick and Dr. J. Stelzig: Seminar on Compact Complex Surfaces

  • Place and time (changed!): Mon 10--12 in B 039
  • Summary: Compact complex surfaces are basic objects and examples for both complex geometry and the theory of four-manifolds. In this seminar we will study some basic properties of surfaces, look at important classes of examples, both algebraic and non-algebraic, and then go through the Enriques classification of algebraic surfaces. We will probably not prove the Kodaira classification in the non-algebraic or non-Kähler case, but all the surfaces appearing there will also appear in the seminar.
  • List of talks
  • Intended audience: Master and PhD students of mathematics and/or physics, particularly those who attended either Complex Geometry or Mathematical Gauge Theory II last semester.
  • Prerequisites: A basic knowledge of complex geometry.
  • References:
    [BPV] W. Barth, C. Peters and A. Van de Ven: Compact Complex Surfaces, Springer Verlag
    [Fr] R. Friedman: Algebraic Surfaces and Holomorphic Verctor Bundles, Springer Verlag
  • Special note because of Covid-19 restrictions: The time and format of meetings is still to be determined, and I will take into consideration participants' preferences. To get access to information about the seminar, you need to sign up by email. To do so, please send an email adhering closely to the following format:
    subject line: Complex Surfaces Seminar
    In the body of the message please write the following data, in the order given here:
    Last name, First name,
    Email address,
    Matriculation number,
    Course of study (e.g. master mathematics, or TMP).
    Please indicate at least two talks from the above list that you would be willing to give, perhaps with preferences, if you have any.
    Please send this information as soon as possible, and no later than November 15th.