Foundations of Quantum Mechanics Conference on the occasion of
Sheldon Goldstein's 60th birthday.


Sheldon Goldstein turns 60 this fall. We wish to celebrate this event with a scientific get-together on October 7th-9th at the Mathematical Department of the Rutgers University, New Brunswick (NJ). Please find the exact adress and information how to get there under: Location.

The meeting will be dedicated to Shelly's scientific influence on mathematical physics and foundations of physics and to this profound interest in philosophy of natural sciences. The conference will be appended to the AMS Fall Eastern Section Meeting meeting taking place October 6th-7th where Sunday afternoon (October 7th) will be dedicated to Shelly. The program will be mixed with talks from Mathematical Physics and Foundations of Quantum Mechanics as well as Philosophy. The FQM talks will adress the main theme: Ontology, Probability and Relativity.

On Sunday night there will be a dinner party with a banquet in the Zimmerli Art Museum, College Avenue Campus, New Brunswick.

All those, who would like to attend conference are cordially invited to do so. Please send an email to one of the Organizers.

(last update 31.07.2007)


AMS: http://www.math.rutgers.edu/~lebowitz/shellyfest.html

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