Summerschool "Quantum Theory Without Observers"

From July, 29th to August, 1st 2013 at Haus Sexten in Sexten (Sesto, Italy)

The school is directed towards undergraduate and graduate students with interests in the foundations of quantum theory. Quantum Theory without observers is a notion which was introduced by John Stewart Bell. It refers to realistic formulations of quantum theories where neither the "observer" nor the notion of measurement plays any fundamental role, i.e it plays no role in the formulation of the theory. The school will be held by 4 distinguished scientists working in the field of foundations.

The school will cover the topics Bohmian Mechanics, collapse theories of the GRW type, experiments, probability in physics.

Venue: Haus Sexten

Students should apply until June, 30th 2013 under Student fee is 100 €. Financial support is available. Hotel bookings should be done upon admission. Mrs Gabriella Deconi ( will be helpful in locating housing. Since the period is high season rooms are sparse and expensive. Students are advised to share rooms.