Steve Lyle, "Self-force and inertia: Old light on new ideas"

Any student working with the celebrated Feynman Lectures will find a chapter in it with the intriguing title Electromagnetic Mass. In a way, it looks rather out of date, and it would be easy to skate over it, or even just skip it. And yet all bound state particles we know of today have electromagnetic mass. It is just that we approach the question differently. Today we have multiplets of mesons or baryons, and we have colour symmetry, and broken flavour symmetry, and we think about mass and energy through Hamiltonians. This is an invitation to look at all these modern ideas with the help of an old light. On the agenda, a simpler version of Newton's second law and dynamical explanations for inertia, the speed dependence of inertial mass in relativistic dynamics, the inclusion of binding energy in the inertial mass of bound state particles, and electromagnetic energy radiation by accelerating charged particles.