Department Mathematik



Oberseminar Mathematische Physik

im Sommer Semester 2019 von Prof. Dr. Detlef Dürr und Prof. Peter Pickl

The seminar is usually on Wednesdays, 16:15h, in room B004 starting on the 23th of October.

Organizer: Markus Nöth

News: updates may be distributed on short notice by mail to all peoplle on an internal list. People interested in should contact Prof. Dr. Detlef Dürr or Prof. Peter Pickl.


Date Room Title Speaker
Wed 23.10.19, 16:15 B004 shifted to the 30.10. shifted to the 30.10.
Wed 30.10.19, 16:15 B004 Wilson Cloud Chamber Problem Serj Aristarhov
Wed 06.11.19, 16:15 B004 Why bother with Categorie Theorie? An explanation attempt using Algebraic Geometry. Kajetan Söhnen
Wed 13.11.19, 16:15 B004 Post-Measurement Wave Functions & an Incorrect Approach to Time-of-Arrival Distributions Felix Feist
Wed 20.11.19, 16:15 B004 An ion trap implementation of our arrival time experiment Siddhant
Wed 27.11.19, 16:15 B004 Modern Quantum Technologies with trapped ions Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler
Wed 04.12.19, 16:15 B004 Variational methods for an elliptic singular SPDE describing the magnetization ripple Tobias Ried
Wed 11.12.19, 16:15 B004 Cancelled

Wed 18.12.19, 16:15 B004 Analytically solvable Barrier Siddhant Das
Wed 8.1.20, 16:15 B004 cancelled

Wed 15.1.20, 16:15 B004 tba

Wed 22.1.20, 16:15 B004 The Localization Problem in Relativistic Quantum Theory Christian Beck
Wed 29.1.20, 16:15 B004 Direct removal of UV and IR divergences in a QED toy model Sascha Lill